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Devan's gone for a month, owing to a trip to Europe for which I am totally not jealous of him because I get to continue to visit this continent we call Sad Hill Cemetery more than ever. Owing to this, I'll try to pick up the slack left behind by his journey to that promised land where Sad Hill Cemetery is more than the name of some two-man film review blog, but a physical location (albeit still not an actual cemetery).

While Devan's gone, expect the following reviews (in no particular order):

  • A western
  • A romantic comedy
  • An animated movie
And possibly something else if I get time and energy enough. Should have a couple of entertaining non-review posts up too. Stay tuned!


Devan said...

Sounds good. I don't know why you'd want to review Paint Your Wagon, Bride Wars, and and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, but have fun.

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