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Film & Lesser Arts with Will Ross, Devan Scott, & Daniel Jeffery.

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LIFEGUARD (Digital Short) [RED Scarlet] 
Co-Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Camera Operator (2015)
* Official Selection - Vancouver International Film Festival (2013)

WE THREE HEATHENS (Documentary Feature) [GH4, 60D, Handicam]
Co-Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Co-Editor (2015)

MOONLAND (Documentary Short) [60D]
Director, Camera Operator (2015)

PARADISO (Digital Short [RED Epic]
Co-Director, Producer, Screenwriter (2013)
*Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival (2013)

BUTTERFLY (Digital Short) [DSLR]
Director, Producer, Screenwriter (2011)

THE BREAK – WINKIPOP (Digital Music Video) [DSLR]
Co-Director, Co-Writer, Co-Editor (2010)
* Won Worldwide Competition for Official Music Video for Australian band The Break
* Won Best In Show – Vancouver DSLRFEST

Writer, Director, Editor (2010)
* Official Selection - Moonrise Film Festival (2013)

THE FALL OF MAN (16mm Short)
Writer, Director, Editor (2009)
* Official Selection - Moonrise Film Festival (2013)


SAECULA SAECULORUM (Digital Short) [RED Scarlet] (2015)

NETWORKING WITH JAMES (Digital Short) [RED Scarlet] (2015)

HAMLET: THE FALL OF TROY & THE MOUSETRAP (Visual Accompaniment to Theatrical Production) [RED Scarlet] (2014)

LOCATION LOCATION (Experimental Documentary) [DSLR] (2014)

SON IN THE BARBERSHOP (Digital Short) [RED One] (2014)
* Official Selection - Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival (2013)

B.F.A. (Documentary Short) [DSLR] (2014)

BACK UP (Digital Short) [RED Scarlet] (2013)

MR. VIDEO (Digital Short) [RED Epic/Scarlet] (2013)

SLEEP (Digital Short) [RED Epic] (2013)

POLARIS (Digital Webseries Pilot) [RED Scarlet] (2013)
*WINNER: Best Cinematography, Horror/Sci Fi: L.A. Webfest.

ONE LIFE ANIMAL - CAN'T UNLEARN (Digital Music Video) [DSLR] (2013)

WHY WE WAIT (Digital Short) [RED Epic] (2012)

SAVING BILLY (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2012)

SET APART (Documentary Short) [DSLR] (2012)
*Special Mention (Documentary), Montreal World Film Festival

SIMON’S FIRST (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2012)

SUBURBAN FRONT (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2012)
*Official Selection, Montreal World Film Festival (2012)

CHILL PPL (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2011)

PIE IN THE SKY (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2011)

ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION (Documentary Short) (2011)

ROSE’S ROPES (Digital Short) (2011)

FREUD (Digital Short) (2011)

HIT ME! (16mm Short) (2011)
*Official Selection, Montreal World Film Festival


HERE NOR THERE (Digital Short) [RED] (2015)
*Clermont-Ferrand Not Short On Talent Market

SHADOWBOX (16mm Short) (2015)

THE HIGH JUMPING WITCH (Digital Short) [RED] (2015)

IT GETS BETTER - MADCHILD (Music Video) [RED] (2014)
*Aired Nationally on Much Music

FAREWELL HOTEL (Digital Short) [RED Scarlet] (2013)

MY MOTHER WILL SAY (16mm Short) (2013)

ETHAN & JENN (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2012)

THE WORST DAY EVER (Digital Short) [DSLR] (2012)
*Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival (2012)