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Film & Lesser Arts with Will Ross, Devan Scott, & Daniel Jeffery.

Welcome to Sad Hill Cemetery, a blog created by two grossly unqualified film enthusiasts that will feature reviews, editorials, and discussions on movies, as well as articles regarding any other various forms of art or media we're interested in enough to write about.

All film reviews will include a ranking on a five point scale. Since giving films objective, numerical ratings does no justice to their complexities and individual appeal, you would probably do best just to ignore the damned things and read the reviews for yourself.

Hoping you'll read this blog, expand your horizons, and click on our ads,

-Will Ross
-Devan Scott


Dave Wuensche said...

Great reviews so far guys. Original, honest and witty. Keep it up!

Jango said...

Lovin the site, guys --- especially the name of the site as my favorite film of all time is The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

Keep up the awesome work.

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